How it Works

How does it work?


Your energy bill has 2 parts: Delivery & Supply

Delivery means distributing the energy i.e. via transmission lines.

Supply refers to energy purchased on the open market


We buy Electricity on the open market.

Just like your utility, 3rd party companies like Eligo can buy electricity on the open market, usually more efficiently. Think of us as a Discount Club for energy.


We make everything easier for you.

When you choose an electricity supplier, your utility will still bill you. We are an authorized partner of your utility and our charges will appear with their bill. Your utility stills handle everything else like reading the meter. It's that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligo Energy?

Eligo Energy is an authorized electricity supplier, BBB A+ accredited, and currently serves 80,000+ customers.

Why Should I Choose You?

Eligo Energy is a direct supplier, not a broker. So our prices never include additional broker margins.

Why Lock in Rates Now?

Energy rates are near multi-year lows - so it’s best to do it now before they go back up.

How Long Will This Price Last?

Our prices are valid until the next day 3:30 PM CST.

Will My Electricity Ever Stop?

Nope. There're two sides of electricity service: supply and delivery. Usually your electric utility does both. When you change your supplier to Eligo, your utility will continue to deliver electricity to you without interruption.

See How Much You Can Save on Electricity Now

Fill out the simple form online and get a free electricity quote now. No phone calls: you can see your quote and finalize your enrollment completely online. Still unsure or have questions, give us a call at (888) 901-3887.