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Save on Electricity

Rely on predictable electricity bills. Lock in a fixed rate for up to 36 months. No unpleasant surprises as seasons change.

Join the tens of thousands of Americans who have used Eligo Energy as their supplier for traditional electrical energy. Our fixed rate products of up to 36 months will lock in your rate for the length of your agreement and take away the fluctuating prices that can occur in the energy market.

Call us at (888) 744-8125 to learn more.

How is my rate determined?

We use advanced analytics to review your historical energy use data, and then use our data-driven modeling to offer you a personalized price and plan that works best for your household. Utility companies typically offer a price based on the average energy use within a neighborhood or area, which isn't customized to you.

Easy Sign Up

Fill out the online form in seconds. You’ll need your current electricity account number, which can be found on a recent bill.

Personalized Plan

We use your electricity account number to access your historical energy use data and use advanced analytics to offer you a price and plan that fits with how you use energy. Accept the offer and we’ll take care of the rest.

Save on Supply

Once we’ve seamlessly transferred your electricity supply, Eligo is listed as your supplier on your electricity bill. No service interruption, just savings in supply charges. All else remains the same.