100% Green Energy Aggregations.
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We care about the environment and are committed to bringing accessible 100% green energy aggregations to local communities.

Green 2.0 Aggregations™: Unique and stable municipal aggregation program for your community


Absolutely seamless process that is fully executed by Eligo Energy

EPA certification

Demonstrate your commitment to green energy with EPA certification

No extra cost

100% green energy at no extra cost to your residents

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40+ Municipalities and Counting

Eligo Energy has serviced over 40 municipalities across the country. We aspire to bring accessible green energy to local communities through a transparent and seamless process for residents and governments.

How? We register Green Certificates and cover 100% of the electrical load for your residential and small commercial customers.

We register Green Certificates with the EPA to support Green Partner Community certification for your municipality
Who are we?

An energy aggregation company headquartered in Chicago and licensed by Illinois Commerce Commission. One of Inc's 25 fastest growing energy companies in the US. We utilize proprietary technology and advanced analytics to make Green Energy accessible.

The Green Aggregation Partnership - making Green Simplified™

Eligo Energy matches the price of the current utility operator

Make Your Municipality 100% Green

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How does Eligo's Green Energy program work?

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